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Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment
Villanow Chiropractic Services
At Villanow Chiropractic, we take care to provide our patients with high quality care personalized for their unique needs.  Dr. Kisner has been in practice since 1988 and has worked with College level athletes to improve their performance and has co-managed patient care with Medical Providers to improve overall patient health and recovery.  Below is a list of Services we are able to provide.
We use manual spinal adjustment techniques including the Thompson Drop technique for the low back and pelvis and various Diversified techniques for the neck and mid back.  The goal is to mobilize and stabilize the joints of the spine to improve overall function and reduce abnormal muscular stress during activity
Chiropractic Extremity Adjustment
Dr Kisner is a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner.  Joints in the shoulder and rib cage are often associated with neck and mid back pain and joints in the hip, knee, foot, and ankle are often associated with low back complaints.  We are able to mobilize and stabilize these joints using adjustment techniques which often results in a faster overall response to care.  This is especially important to athletes of all levels and those involved in physical labor and recreational activities as overall musculoskeletal health and function results in better performance.
Custom Molded Orthotics
We are able to provide custom molded orthotics which serve to stabilize the foot/ankle as well as relieve abnormal stress to the knees, hips, and low back.  We take a non-weight bearing impression of your feet and send them to a lab where a custom device is made to address your specific needs.  These are not generic, off the shelf orthotics and are very comfortable and durable.
Athletic Injury and Rehabilitation
Dr. Kisner has 25 years experience working as a Team Chiropractor with the Shepherd University Athletic program.  During this time Dr. Kisner has worked with the Training staff, the Team Orthopedic Surgeon, and the Strength and Conditioning Coaches in both treating injured athletes and identifying musculoskeletal weaknesses which need addressed to prevent re-injury and improve performance.  We are able to work with athletes of all levels to identify muscular imbalance and/or weaknesses and offer recommendations as to corrective Chiropractic care as well as specific exercises to improve performance.
Corrective Care vs. Wellness Care
Corrective care in our office is Chiropractic care aimed at correcting biomechanical dysfunction with the goal of improving your overall health and performance. Corrective care ends when the condition is resolved or fails to improve further or when referral to another Health Care Provider is necessary. Medicare usually covers corrective care if Medicare determines the care is Medically Necessary.

Wellness care in our office is regularly scheduled Chiropractic “check-ups” with the goal of identifying biomechanical dysfunction before they become symptomatic and/or cause deterioration in your overall health and performance. Medicare does not cover Wellness care.