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Villanow Chiropractic Gallery
A special thank you goes out to Deborah's parents Claude and Faye Hatchett, her brother Randy Hatchett and his wife Cathy, her brother Mike Hatchett, Hatchett Equipment Company and Hatchett Equipment Repair for their time, work, and use of equipment and labor in the restoration of the old store
Villanow General Store building was built around 1840 with brick made on the property.  The addition on the southern side was build in the 1950's.  The door above the porch roof was once used to access the upstairs where caskets and other large items were stored.
Store front before restoration.
Store front after restoration.  Work included mortar repair, addition of deck and handicap ramp, custom made iron railing, and two swings for patients and local "old timers" to sit and reminisce and tell tales.  The swings replaced the "liars bench" that we are told used to be in front of the store.
This is the back of the store before restoration.
Back view of the store after restoration.  Work included repairing a lot of the brick mortar, new windows, and the handicap ramp.
View of the side porch before restoration.
Side porch after restoration.  We moved the stairs to the side to open up the parking space out front and re-finished the concrete deck which was deteriorated.
Another view of the side porch before restoration.
Same view after restoration.
4th of July with the old potty chair
The original fireplace was exposed during restoration after having been cemented over sometime in the past.  The stone work in the fireplace is original but the stone work in front is new.
A view of fireplace before restoration.  Some of the deteriorated brick work in the floor has been partially removed.
Fireplace after restoration.  Deborah's father took a chance and cut in with a concrete saw and hit the opening just right.  We didn't remove all of the concrete for fear of de-stabilizing the stone work.  The old brick work in the floor was replaced with flat rock.  Santa Claus is inspecting.
Christmas is always a special time
The pine wood floor as far as we know is the original floor.  We sanded it down, filled in the cracks, and replaced the badly worn boards with original boards from another part of the building.  We are unsure of the age of the shelving.
Items on the shelves are family heirlooms from the Hatchett, Solomon, and Kisner families as well as gifts from patients in West Virginia and Georgia.
This old counter was in the basement.  We sanded it and raised it to serve as the new patient sign in/out counter
Front entrance before restoration.  Some of these boards were worn down to about 1/4" thick from over 150 years of foot traffic.
Front entrance after replacing worn boards and finishing.
Main floor before finishing.
Main floor after finishing.  Deborah's parents did the finishing.
The brass placard on the freezer identifies it as a "Frigidaire, Product of General Motors" sold by the Warren Company of Atlanta, Georgia.  The date 1-13-28 is stamped into the wood along with the serial number.  It was restored by Claude and Faye Hatchett.
This is how the old freezer looked before Deborah's mom got a hold of it.
This is how it may have looked brand new.
The Adjusting room and X-ray room were framed in a side room of the original store.  We put commercial flooring in this room and used the original flooring to repair or replace worn boards in the main room.
Deborah with Bear at the front desk before the restored counter was finished.  Bear is head of Public Relations but will excuse himself for anyone who does not like cats (haven't found any yet).
In addition to public relations, Bear oversees the day to day operations in the office
Baby barn swallows nesting on the porch ready to greet the Spring patients
You know you are practicing in the country when the patients drive up on the farm tractor